As a highly visual astute and rapid observer of the world around him, photographer Frank Ockenfels 3 takes in an abundance of images that serve as artistic stimuli for his creative mind. A process of collision, collusion and collaboration is the genesis of his creativity, leading to the transformation of a photographic image into something else, a “re-presentation” of what he saw through the lens. It becomes a new form that communicates a new message, a new meaning; often conveying a more powerfully emotional visual statement.

The works of Ockenfels 3 provide a window into his visual thinking, the internal world of imagery and emotions in his mind. Subjected to ink, collage or paint, the images are no longer just photographs of an individual, but become a more personal statement of who the artist is, of his psyche and as such, creative artistry in its purest form. The erotic, the sublime and the violent collages are blended with portraiture that seamlessly compliment each other. The photographic creations become tactile, bringing another dimension of sense experience.

FWO3 is propelled by a drive and curiosity to discover an image that is not yet known, at the same time he creates a visual language that speaks from the most primal and dark corners of his mind. He creates waking dreams, images that represent the darkest, least illuminated aspects of his unconscious projected on the person he has photographed. He has the courage to go way beyond the expected and the obvious to the breaking of boundaries of traditional photography. Ockenfels 3 does not play it safe, and as a result, he is very effective in evoking in the viewer aspects of their own psyche that they may not as yet have had any awareness. One cannot help but feel a resonance with the chaotic vibrancy of his mind. He leaves the imprint of his unconscious on the photographic image.

Creativity: that wonderful intersection of dream, phantasy and art is not just an opportunity to express a concept or an emotion, but an occasion to open up an experience in both the artist and the viewer. This can result in a disquieting yet aesthetically pleasing moment in time.

Diane Silverman, ATR, PhD
Psychoanalyst, Artist




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61 x 51 cm
24.02 x 20.08 in.
Edition of 15
68 x 101 cm
26.77 x 39.76 in.
Edition of 15
101 x 152 cm
39.76 x 59.84 in.
Edition of 15

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