Over a period of five years Tom Jacobi travelled through seven continents and created the trilogy »Awakening«, which is an homage to our planet.
He believes that there is a deep connectivity between the evolution of the human soul and our world. By photographing archaic,
yet timeless landscapes, he uses the outer world to access the inner world.

Tom Jacobi’s work is always about creating space for the beholder to pause and contemplate.
Archaic and seemingly raw landscapes, magically glowing hills, rugged cliffs, graphic structures of water, desert, clouds and ice. Former Stern art director Tom Jacobi has created a view of the world in its essential materiality with his large format photographs. 
The trilogy »Awakening«, consists of  3 parts:
»Grey Matter(s)« (2014–2015), »Into the Light« (2015–2017) and »The Light Within« (2018). At first gloomy and mysterious, then cool and clear, finally contemplative and inviting – each of the three groups of works emits an individual atmosphere, which Jacobi deliberately produces and consistently pursues using only natural light. 

The trilogy distinguishes itself by being photographed in colour, even though colour is mostly excluded from his work. The artist finds countless nuances within the spectra of grey, white and bronze to form an achromatic cosmos, which he himself describes as the „absence oft he juggler colour.
Within the oeuvre »Awakening« the photographer also establishes a connection between our planet and the evolvement oft he human soul. »Grey Matter(s)« symbolises that bipeds first emerged from twilight of prehistorc darkness, while  »Into the light« represents our striving towards the light. The artist sees an end to this pursuit in his third series, when he moves the source of universal knowledge within the protagonists.






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Atacama Desert Chile 2018
88 x 67 cm
34.65 x 26.38 in.
Edition of 10
164 x 123 cm
64.57 x 48.43 in.
Edition of 7
228 x 153 cm
89.76 x 60.24 in.
Edition of 1

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