Daniel Voelker was born in 1977 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
He studied photography at the "Fachakademie für Fotodesign" in Munich from 2000-2003. Over the years, Daniel Voelker has worked on numerous art projects in Europe and abroad.
​In 2004, he moved to Sydney, Australia to work on a project, "Crossover", that was eventually unveiled and showcased during Miami Basel. Voelker's artworks are in major private art collections and have been featured in prominent publications, such as The Economist and ​L'Official Homme. Daniel Voelker lives and works between Germany and the United States.


Stamp Mosaic
Marylin Monroe
187.7 x 220 cm
73.90 x 86.61 in.
Edition of 1



"Stamp Mosaics" 

Each Mosaic is made of 3003 stamps.

​In Stamp Mosaics different narrative strands are linked. The individual postage stamps represent important historical events as well as portraits of prominent persons or depictions from various fields such as art, sports, architecture or  science. Furthermore, the postmark provides information about the point of origin. Eternal mystery behind the stamps is the content of the letters as well as their senders and receivers. The story continues with the places that the letters have traversed or the people who have touched them. From the distance, the stamp mosaics merge into large-format portraits. They show public figures like Steve Mcqueen or Marylin Monroe.

Each person represents different values, and has an individual life story. Not only is the postage stamp language forgotten due to the omnipresence of the electronic transmission of information, but handwritten letters and postage stamps will certainly die out. The sum of the individual steps of the ritual of letter writing makes the letter a sign of appreciation and time. The emotions hiding behind the letters on the paper and the authenticity associated with it is missed by Voelker in todays emails or WhatsApp messages etc.. In Stamp Mosaic the postage stamps mime digital pixels. Voelker assembles stamp by stamp by hand with much effort and care. Thereby the artist reproduces the photograph, which served him as a template.

Voelker, who has worked for many years as a fashion and portrait photographer, denounces the fast pace of todays photography, especially the commercial photography . “I want to create something with a long term duration that is not forgotten a week later. Nowadays anyone who picks up a digital camera calls himself a photographer. The craft is not valued anymore, because the images are processed afterwards to 99.9 %. Thus the photography loses it’s quality and authenticity“ claims Voelker. In Daniel Voelker’s Stamp Mosaics the photography regains it’s uniqueness. The artist combines it with a different technique, which is distinctive in the contemporary photo-realistic portraiture: the postage stamp mosaic.

All works are unique pieces.


The state or fact of lasting only for a short time. 

The work »Transience« deals with the fragility of life, love, fading memories and beauty. Daniel uses 35mm negative and slide photographic film and manipulates the aging process through the use of only natural & organic resources such as heat, sunlight, moisture, lemons, soil, fungi and more. The entire creating process takes about 3-9 months. In this body of work, Daniel uses both vintage film taken by unknown people as well as photographs that he has shot himself. His acts of ‘destroying’ the original film are, in fact, giving each image new life full of different textures, colors and of course different stories. These images are a far cry from the originals, yet, are still part of a common thread. The aging process is all natural & analog, nothing is done digitally nor are they retouched afterwards.

All works are unique pieces and come with a half of the original film.

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