Canvas Knives
Lamu, Kenya 2011


ROBERT CARR-HARTLEY is one of the world’s leading wildlife photographers, celebrated for his unique ability to capture the profound grace and unsettling beauty of real Africa. Kenyan born, Robert has developed a close relationship with the Samburu of Northern Kenya, an affinity that has spanned over many years. This has allowed him to capture rare and private moments amongst people that are usually inhibited by photography. Furthermore, his own sensitive personality is expressed in these beautiful images. His photographic work has attracted worldwide acclaim. Robert has been voted twice Kenyan Photographer of the Year on. Robert's family, one of the oldest settler families in Kenya arriving in the late 1800's, plays a unique and special part in the history of the country. His family business was tourism and live animal capture (now banned in Kenya) which offered him a unique upbringing with wild animals and the wide open spaces of East Africa. Together with his brother he owns a company which specializes in high end safaris. He is married to Angela Sheldrick, the artistic daughter of two famous parents, the late David Sheldrick, the founder Warden of Kenya’s Tsavo National Park, and Dr  Dame Daphne Sheldrick, famous for the rearing of orphaned infant elephants as well as many other orphaned animals.


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